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Welcome to American Legion Post 2006


Fruita, CO 81521

Meeting Minutes of June 2015

ATTENDEES: Present were Lou Brackett, Commander, Neal Froese, Chaplain; James Solace,  Dan O’Neill, Finance Officer;; Dale Yeckley, SVC; Curtis Gray, Adjutant; Harold Pierce; Lowell Jones. 

EXCUSED; Josh Hogstad, Service Officer; Daryl Hillyer, JVC; Cal Davis, Chaplain



Post Commander Lou Brackett called the brief meeting to order at 9:01am at Fruita Community Center, Fruita, CO. The colors were in position and the Cmdr. asked those present to render an appropriate hand salute. All Legionnaires were asked to uncover, then the opening prayer was offered by Neal Froese.


The POW/MIA Cover was placed on the Empty Chair by Dale Yeckley, SVC. The Pledge of Allegiance was presented by the Adjutant.  The Cmdr.  declared The American Legion Post 2006, Department of Colorado convened. A quorum was present.


The Committee reports of membership (105%+) and finance ($4,581.20 Acct./BB $675.00 BB Acct Balance) were presented. The Service Officer was not present to give his report. A Motion was made by Dan ONeill and seconded by Dale Yeckley to approve and second the finance report. Motion voted upon and approved.  The motion to approve the membership report was made by Dale Yeckley and seconded by Dan Oneill.  Motion carried. The motion to approve the minutes was made by Chaplain Neal Froese, and seconded by Dale Yeckley. Motion carried. The Chaplains report was given. No members passed to Post Everlasting.


The unfinished business was presented to include: 1) Discussion of new Officers for 2015-16 which was tabled until August meeting; 2) Determining the delegates to attend the Department Convention in Colorado Springs, CO, June 25-28; 3) Sending out thank you letters to participants of the JUCO Color Guard.


New business included: 1) Post website to be developed and managed. A new member has been asked to head up the Post Website. 2) Curtis Gray, golf committee member indicated that the 2015 Charity Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 20, 2015 at the Adobe Creek National Golf Club. Turnout was low in teams because of conflicts with Father’s Day, working at Country Jam, and personal injuries. 3) Motion was made by Curtis Gray, and seconded by Dale Yeckley to provide financial assistance to the Colorado Regional American Legion Baseball Tournament, Aug. 5-10, 2015 in Boulder, CO in the amount of $50.  Motion carried. 4) Motion made by Dan Oneill and seconded by Lowell Jones to provide scholarship assistance to a veteran Vialpando in the amount of $25. Motion approved. 5) Motion made by Dan Oneill and seconded by Chaplain Neal Froese to provide scholarship assistance to veteran Howard Gold in the amount of $25.  Motion approved. 6) Motion made by Chaplain Neal Froese and seconded by Harold Pierce to approve payment of $125 to the Fruita Chamber of Commerce for an annual membership fee. Discussion was taken, felt to be beneficial to Post 2006, and the motion was passed.


With no other business being brought before the members present, the Post Comdr. closed the meeting , the Post Commanders Charge was presented, a salute was rendered to the national colors, the announcement of the next meeting will be held at Fruita Civic Center, Fruita, CO, on Saturday, August 15, 2015 beginning at 9:00am at Judy’s Family Restaurant. An Executive Committee mtg. will be held at 8:30 a.m.  Meeting was adjourned at 10:45am.


Respectfully submitted: Curtis Gray, Adjutant, Fruita Post 2006

Review by: Lou Brackett, Commander, Fruita Post 2006