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Welcome to American Legion Post 2006


Fruita, CO 81521

Meeting Minutes of December 2014

ATTENDEES: Present were Lou Brackett, Commander, Bob Parker; Curtis Gray, Adjutant; Josh Hogstad, Service Officer; Cal Davis, Chaplain;, Harold Pierce, Dan O’Neill, Finance Officer; Dan and Lynda Colesworthy; Dale Yeckley, SVC,Tommie Derryberry, Sgt-at-Arms

EXCUSED: Daryl Hillyer, JVC; Neal Froese, Chaplain;



Post Commander Lou Brackett called the meeting to order at 9:03am at Fruita Civic Center, Fruita, CO. The colors were in position and the Cmdr. asked those present to render an appropriate hand salute. All Legionnaires were asked to uncover, then the opening prayer was offered by Cal Davis.


The POW/MIA Empty Chair Ceremony was conducted with the POW cover being placed over the chair by the Sgt at Arms.  The Commander read the POW Resolution and the Pledge of Allegiance was presented by the Adjutant. The Commander then invited all to recover and then recite the Preamble of the Constitution.


The Cmdr. gave one rap of the gavel, asked all members to take their seats and declared The American Legion Post 2006, Department of Colorado be convened. A quorum was present.


The Committee reports of membership (80%+) and finance ($3,589.50 Acct. Balance) were presented. The Service Officer did not present a report. A Motion was made by Curtis Gray and seconded by Dan O’Neill to approve and second the finance report. The membership report was made by Curtis Gray, seconded by Dan O’Neill and then approved. 


The unfinished business was presented and discussed which included the status of the relocation of Legion Posts and availability of a permanent facility in Grand Junction. Fund raising ideas were presented to include: 1) Ordering 2014 Legion Calendars with costs being sponsored by two local businesses.  The Post Commander informed the members of the two military organizations where the funds were to go to (Children’s Legacy Scholarship Fund and Wounded Warrior Project).  


New business included: 1) Post website will also be developed and managed. 2) Herbergers fund raising/selling coupons during February 27-28, 2015 will be scheduled. 3) Initiatory Membership Awards were scheduled by the Post Commander.  4) Last, members of the golf committee will meet and recommend that there would be scheduled for 2015 the Post 2006 primary fund raiser scheduled to be held in June at the Adobe Creek National Golf Club.


With no other business being brought before the members present, the Post Comdr. closed the meeting with one gavel rap. The Post Commanders Charge was presented, a salute was rendered to the national colors, the POW cover was retired, and the announcement of the next meeting is to be held at Fruita Civic Center, Fruita, CO, on Saturday, January 17, 2015 beginning at 9:00am. An Executive Committee mtg. will be held at 8:30 a.m.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:00am.


Respectfully submitted: Curtis Gray, Adjutant, Fruita Post 2006

Reviewed by: Lou Brackett, Commander, Fruita Post 2006